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Japanese Government is Dangling a Carrot

In Japan, the following slogans "いかのおすし (sushi with squid)" are used to prevent child kidnapping and other crimes.  "いかない (Don't go with strangers)", "らない (Don't get in)",  "おごえでさけぶ (Shout aloud)", "ぐにげる (Run immediately)" and "らせる (Inform)"

Especially the first one is the most important, It indicates that you will not follow a stranger when they approach you offering sweets or money. When I was a child, I was taught by my parents and school teachers not to follow strangers if they approached me. How about you?

On the other hand, Japanese government is trying to push for a third vaccination. However, young people have realized that something is wrong and are hardly getting vaccinated. Therefore, the recent Japanese government's "exciting campaign" to encourage young people to get vaccinated by offering travel discounts, and the governor of Oita prefecture calls for vaccination by saying, "We will give you a retort curry."

Isn't this exactly "dangling a carrot"?

We were initially told that the pandemic would be over if we were FULLY vaccinated, but that's exactly not what they said. And since the government makes us get vaccinated with expired vaccines as if getting rid of Vaccine inventory, it is natural to distrust the government and wonder what they think they are doing to us.

Now they are saying that "vaccinations need to be given every few months". Stop fooling the public.

In fact, a retort curry costs about $1. Does the government think that there are idiots who would gladly accept this offer because they can get curry?

According to this YouTube. "it's just like a tricky or sneaky behavior which is not so good - that's kind of like a scam or trickery which is not an ideal obviously"

Giving discounts on travel or curry to promote vaccination is essentially the same as an adult giving candy or money to a child for the purpose of kidnapping or something.

We are not so stupid than they expected.

Most Japanese are ridiculed for being sheeps, but they do not seem to be so foolish.