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Achieved a sub-5-hour Marathon finish in Osaka Marathon 2024

Open call for 34,000 runners

By the time I realized it, it was just before the marathon. I had prepared for it a long time ago, but failed to put it into action when it needed to be done.

Besides, it was raining on the day of the marathon, so I didn't know what to prepare.

  • Are new shoes not a good idea?
  • Do I still need a raincoat?
  • Do I need Vaseline to prevent hypothermia?

Are new shoes not a good idea?

I learned that  I should wear shoes that I was used to wearing. I found an article that says that even with new shoes, you should at least run 10 kilometers in them beforehand.
Even a former women's marathoner retired from the race because she could not finish the race due to new shoes.

However, the soles of well-worn shoes become worn out, creating the danger of slipping in the rain. Besides, white-colored shoes are easy to show dirt.
Mizuno shoes were on sale at the runner registration area. I talked to them about it. Then they recommended me to buy a new pair of Wave Rider series shoes at the regular price.

This is a kind of pink, so I select the following pink shit.

Do I still need a raincoat?

I bought disposable raincoats from Amazon.co.jp. The raincoat was a good choice as it kept me warm.

Do I need Vaseline to prevent hypothermia?

One piece of advice from many runners, including fellow joggers, is to put Vaseline on your body.

I took their advice and bought it on Amazon.co.jp, got it the day before with same-day express delivery, and applied it to my own tummy, ankles, soles, etc. before I left.


How was the marathon?

Wave (Gun shot time)

  • 9:15 - Wave 1 (ⒶⒷ)
  • 9:30 - Wave 2 (ⒹⒺ)
  • 9:45 - Wave 3 (ⒼⒽ, Challenge Run)

The starting block on my bib is marked H, so I am in the Wave 3.

First, we were stuck for a while in a traffic jam caused by water supply. It's not summer and you don't need water for the first 5 km, do you? Can you please stop stopping to fill up the road as if all the runners are supposed to drink water? At least open up one side of the road.

I think it wasn't until after 5 km that the traffic eased up. A few runners were already walking here and there.

In my opinion, the key to a successful marathon is to not go to the bathroom and not eat too much during the race. In fact, one of my jogging mates was so intent on finishing the food provided during the race that he suffered stomach pains and had to seek the restroom.

I thought it was simply a matter of just finishing the race, but wouldn't it be better to finish it in under 5 hours anyway? I changed my mind about halfway through the race, and in order to keep up with the rain and keep my pace, I kept passing the runners around me.

Here's a shot I took with my iPhone about a minute after I finished.

My Time Data (Wave 3)
Spot Transit Time Net Time Gross Time Interval Time Rank
Start 09:50:51 00:00:00 00:05:51 00:00:00 5166
5km 10:26:53 00:36:02 00:41:53 00:36:02 5424
10km 10:59:22 01:08:31 01:14:22 00:32:29 4556
15km 11:32:25 01:41:34 01:47:25 00:33:03 4141
20km 12:05:36 02:14:45 02:20:36 00:33:11 3719
25km 12:37:36 02:46:45 02:52:36 00:32:00 3260
30km 13:11:22 03:20:31 03:26:22 00:33:46 2995
35km 13:44:19 03:53:28 03:59:19 00:32:57 2662
40km 14:17:21 04:26:30 04:32:21 00:33:02 2432
Finish 14:31:44 04:40:53 04:46:44 00:14:23 2380

*The rankings shown are for the Wave 3.

It was a significant record breaker from last time, but please don't say "Well, you should aim for sub-4.5 next time!"