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I'm running a marathon this fall.

Last time I entered into 2020 Guam marathon

but it's postphoned and cancelled,

My running mate encouraged me to run a marathon, so I got off my butt and I decided to run in Osaka Yodo-River Citizens' Marathon first of all. It has been three years since then.

25th Osaka Yodo-River Citizens Marathon will be held on November 4 and 5, 2023; the 10km run on the 4th, the half and full marathons on the 5th.

This is an urban marathon that runs beautifully and takes into account the natural environment. While enjoying the refreshing nature of the Yodogawa River basin, which looks like a gathering of fairies, aim to complete the full marathon by passing through Kema Lock and crossing the Yodogawa Weir, which is normally inaccessible!

November 4 2023 - November 5 2023
Moriguchi City (Osaka), Japan
Entry Period
April 26 2023 00:00 - September 18 2023 23:59

I live in Osaka, so I can go directly to the venue from my home without having to stay at a hotel.

My temp job has been extended until the end of September, so training for the marathon is not going to be easy. If I were to do that, maybe the next month? Since this is practically my first marathon, I am hoping I can finish.