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I pre-ordered this Pink Apple Watch Series 9!

My first Apple Watch was Series 4, bought at the Apple Store on my birthday eve 5 years ago.

I swiched to the Series 6 two years later. 

When the Apple Watch Series 8 came out, there was no pink in the body color, and instead it was replaced by an unfamiliar "starlight" color. Pink is a must for me, and I don't need such a half-baked color.

I have been using the Apple Watch Series 6 for almost 3 years now. It's time to switch to a new Apple Watch. At that time, I heard a rumor that a pink Apple Watch would be released.

When I saw the following picture, I was absolutely convinced that the pink Apple Watch on the left was the one for me.

I opened the Apple Store app on iPhone after I got home from work. But the problem is the watchband. I was confused for a while as to which material to choose. So I called the online Apple Store.
In conclusion, they advised me to choose the one that I liked intuitively because I would inevitably get bored with the band, and in the end, the only answer I got was the pink sport band.

How cute!!

I can't wait!

Sadly, the price has gone up due to the weak yen.😢