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To Prevent from Heat Stroke

Actually, I'm working a short term job starting June 8, first time in 3 years.

It was right around the time when my earnings from my business were down by more than 30% and I knew I had to do something else. But from past experience, the more I looked for a job, the more job usually ran away from me, so I kept doing what I can so that a new job would come to me at the right time.

Two weeks after I started that job, I caught a cold, although I don't know if it was caused by adaptation problems. By the time I recovered from my cold, I had become somewhat used to the job.

As you know, this summer has been very hot and humid, and we must be careful of heat stroke. We are told to avoid going outside during the day.

However, many Japanese are unable to take off their masks despite such dangerous heat.


Masks are required at my workplace as well. Several of my colleagues think that wearing masks is ridiculous. So do I.

Many Japanese are incapable of critical thinking. So they do not question the question.

No matter how much you explain to them, they cannot understand. Because they don't think. Or I assume that they just think they are thinking for themselves without realizing that the thoughts are actually imprinted on them. Sort of cognitive warfare.

To make matters worse, there are those who call out to those who do not wear masks to wear them. How selfish. Wearing a mask is optional. I don't tell people who want to continue to wear them to take them off. But on the other hand, there are those who cannot tolerate those who do not wear masks. It is not good to impose your opinion on others.