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I've ordered bifocal lenses - I am no longer young?

Lately, I have been having difficulty seeing my Apple Watch in my hand when I am wearing my glasses for distance. After I take off the glasses, I can see my hand clearly.

So, first of all, I got a pair of glasses for middle-distance viewing to make it easier for me to work on the computer, etc. I can see the screen of my Apple Watch or iPhone with these glasses on without any problem.

However, in sunny daylight, sunglasses are indispensable. I tried to look at my Apple Watch while wearing my glasses for distance, which can magnetically attach to the sunglasses attachment, and could not see it clearly.

It became more and more troublesome to have to remove my glasses each time I did so.

So I went back to the eyeglass store and discussed with the guy whether I needed bifocals or not.

Bifocal lens are broadly classified into two types;

  • Bifocal lens:
    The boundary between the part used for distance vision and the part used for close-up vision is firmly separated.
  • Progressive multifocal lens:
    No borderline, with a gradual change in power.

I chosed the latter, progressive multifocal lenses.

They are available in two types: hard type and soft type.

  • For those who often look far away, such as when driving, the hard type has a wider field of view when looking far away.
  • For those who mainly use them indoors or at medium distances, a soft type with a wider field of view for hand-held viewing.

I have a driver's license, but I do not own a car and have never driven one. In jogging every morning, sports-type sunglasses without prescription are sufficient on sunny days for me.

This means that unless I am driving, I do not need to see things very far away clearly. Therefore, it means that I don't really need glasses for distance something like this.

So something like this instead for me?

According to the official website of that eyeglass store, they recommend trying bifocal lenses early on to reduce the burden of getting used to them even when the power becomes stronger.

It is very important to take care of your own eyes. Sadly, aging is undeniable. I accept the reality and will protect my eyes first to take care of myself.

In my understanding, presbyopia is a condition in which a person can no longer see near objects without glasses. At the present time, I can see near objects clearly without glasses.

In my first pair of bifocals, the close range is only for astigmatism correction. I can receive them on Friday.