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I got another annual passport to the Nagai Botanical Garden

I got an annual passport to the Nagai Botanical Garden last year.

I think I have been to the Nagai Botanical Garden more than 20 times, and if I visit five times, I can get the money back for the annual passport. I thought that might be enough.

70% blooms as of April 19th.

I also went there on the expiration day (April 23) of my annual passport. They are looking down because of rain ☔️

But according to the information near the entrance, the admission fee will be revised from 200 yen to 250 yen this July, and the annual passport will be increased from 1,000 yen to 1,500 yen next January.

Well, what's my take?

I think keeping in touch with flowers is essential, so I decided to get another. 

The choice was either a physical card type or a QR code. With the card type, you have to have that card, but with the QR code type, you won't forget it as long as your smartphone with you.

I did choice the later one.


So that I can take more pictures one more year.