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I purchased the Japanese subtitled version of The Martian on Amazon Prime Video

The first time I watch the movie "The Martian" on in-flight entertaiment in 2015, and I purchased the Kindle edition.

But I hadn't finished reading yet but this novel is the best to improve my vocaburary so I re-started reading from a scratch last August.

Few month later, I signed-up the membership for Audible to get the narration. Only from Audible?

One of my key points for learning English is: “Choose materials that have sound sources and example sentences. (Learn the pronunciation, meaning and usage of vocabulary)”.

Now I have the sound source (Audible) and example sentences (Kindle).

But I still want to see the story visually for me. So I searched Amazon Prime Video to see if there was a Japanese subtitled version of The Martian, and it happened to be available at a special price of 500 yen. Yay!

Without hesitation, I clicked the “Buy” button on Thursday.

It's easier to get an idea of the movie version if you've seen it. I've watched it over and over again, so I've memorized the plot.

But the flow of the story is the same between the original and the movie, but parts of the story are completely different. The movie is like a digest version. In the movie, they said this, but in the original, they said something different.

I think I remember most of the main phrases in the movie.

However, many find it a bit hard to accept why the content favors China, and some Amazon customer reviews are critical of it. This is especially true for those who only saw the movie without knowing the original story. But even in the original novel, the story goes along the lines of cooperating to select an astronaut from China. It is certainly political.

In the author's other novel, Japan's JAXA is mentioned. Perhaps the author is trying to strike a balance in his own way.