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I'd probably be better off jogging alone.

I usually go to Nagai Park for jogging after I wake up in the morning, but lately I have been finding it hard to jog with my jogging friends.

In a sense, I live each day with an "I am what I am" stance. Therefore, the people who happen to be there do not necessarily agree with me. Rather, in many cases, they have completely different interests and hobbies, and are in completely opposite positions from me.

It is natural that there are people who have completely different ideas and positions, but do I have to force myself to fit in with those around me?

On the contrary, I would be greatly stressed if I were dragged into their pace.

The stress of it all has gotten to the point where I find it tedious to run with them.... Now, I am exclusively healing myself with fresh greenery, birds chirping, and the many flowers in the botanical garden.

Small pond and fresh greenery in Nagai Botanical Garden

That's why I got the annual pass last month.

Basically, I am comfortable with my own pace. I feel bad when my pace is disturbed.

As a matter of fact, I see people running alone and silently in Nagai Park. There are also many people who run with the motive that they don't have to run in marathons, but just continue to do so for their own health.

Over the last three years, even close friends have become polarized and eventually only small talk is possible. It's safe to talk about things like flowers and nature, right?

To be honest, I have no interest in watching sports. I would also like to avoid talking about politics as it is a source of complication.