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Go with the flow

I have been anxious lately because my income is down 35% from what it usually is. However, even if I am in a panic about it, it won't make anything better.

Look back at past experiences.

When faced with the reality that my finances were in a bit of a mess and that I would have to cut into my savings to make ends meet, I struggled and looked for a job. But as much as I panicked, it all backfired.

The more I tried to find a job, the more the work ran away from me.

The more you struggle, the worse it gets. In other words, that's the way it goes, so I've stopped doing that. I decided to let things take their course.

I believed that if I did what I could do without looking for a job unnecessarily, the job would naturally come to me at the perfect time.

After a while, I received a call from the temp agency. They asked me about my current situation. I have been receiving e-mails with job offers, but they are all full time weekday daytime positions, and unfortunately I cannot accept them because I have to go to the English conversation school during the daytime on weekdays. Besides, when it comes to interviews, I am often too nervous to succeed.

Then they offered me a job where I could take shifts and have weekdays off. No interview, just a paper screening. So I answered, "If they say yes, I'll take the job."

The next day, the temp agency called me again. They asked, "The client company is accepting you, so do you accept the job?" --- I will be starting a temporary job next month for the first time in three years. Wow, I need to buy some clothes appropriate for my new workplace.

In Japan, it is said that words have a soul. It is called "Kotodama". It has long been believed in Japan that the words we speak out loud have some influence in the real world. In other words, good things happen in reality to those who speak good words, and bad things happen to those who speak bad words.

I was always in touch with nature in the park while jogging, thinking "whatever happens, happens" and mumbling "it's ok, things will work out" when I was alone.

Anyway, the best way is to be natural. Somehow, I have recently been able to see a little further into the future.

You might as well say hello to the trees in the park. For every living thing has a soul and a consciousness.


I just realized that I posted a related article exactly one year ago today.