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Health Effects of Work Fatigue: My Recent Experience

I have been feeling ill recently due to work fatigue. I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop coughing on Wednesday morning, and once I tried to go to work that day, I left early in the morning because I felt dizzy. After that I thought I was going to try to get some sleep anyway.

But the next morning, I mean yesterday morning. When I left home, I could run a little as normal, but when I got to the station and climbed the escalator stairs I felt like I was dreaming, like I was not there. I was able to walk to the transfer without any problems. However, about two stops before the drop-off station, I felt sick and squatted on the spot. When I finally got to the drop-off station, I got up.... I don't remember.

Before I knew it, people around me repeatedly asked me if I was okay. When I regained consciousness, the train was still stopped. Perhaps several minutes had passed since then.

In other words, I was knocked unconscious and then fell over and was on my back, which is how I came to understand the situation.

This is the first time I have fainted.

Passengers around me reported that I had fallen down after hitting my head hard. The rescue team asked me whether I had passed out because I had hit my head so hard, or whether I had passed out and fallen over. But I have no memory of the moment of my fall.

They asked me if my face was originally pale. No, I don't think so.

I interpreted it in my own way, that I was probably anemic because my brain was not getting enough blood flow. That the cause could be dehydration from a cold. Because these things have happened before.

I didn't think it was the big deal, but they say that it's at the level where you should go to the hospital and see a doctor if you have fainted. 

I was hit my head so hard that I fell down so I was carried by stretcher to the hospital by ambulance.

As I had reported, an IV was prescribed to alleviate dehydration, and blood pressure, Electrocardiogram, and blood tests were performed.


However, when they told me that the initial blood draw was not enough and that they needed more. I told them not to do it because I would collapse from neurally mediated syncope. But they told me not to worry, that this was a hospital. Or rather, I suspect it’s for some other reason. Perhaps they just wanted an unvaccinated blood sample?

I told them that my heart was fine because I finished the marathon in 4 hours and 40 minutes, but they had to do a whole series of tests because of their rule or something. Even a CT scan for my head at the end.

A COVID test was also inevitable. The result was positive. Things depend on how you look at them. I took this as a sign that I should rest for a while.

In my own analysis, it may be that the autonomic nervous system was disturbed by excessive stress, and the vagus nerve went out of control, causing anemia and fainting.

In other words, even though I was trying to relieve stress with my jogging habit every morning, I was actually accumulating too much stress to handle, like a glass of water overflowing.

Actually, I am okay now. No fever. I noticed a bump on the back right side of my head. Runny nose and cough are annoying, anyway.