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20 km run for the first time

If it weren't for the coronavirus, there would be a marathon in Guam today.

So I figured I should be able to run a half marathon. I walked to Nagai Park (with a dash on the way) after dark to avoid the crowds, and I decided to run 7 laps for the first time.

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and I just kept running at the same pace, enjoying the nighttime cherry blossoms. But there were some people having a cherry blossom viewing party, maybe 10 people in total. They looked like they were enjoying a barbecue, and I could smell their food. Give me a break....


Unfortunately, I had to work on Monday and I needed the extra energy to walk home afterwards, so I decided not to run seven and a half laps of Nagai Park (the distance of a half marathon) and decided to run up to the 20km mark insted.

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Average Pace: 6'26/km - Not bad, is it?

At this pace, I'd be able to clear the entry requirements for most marathons.

When I finished the run, my calves in both legs were sore. The muscles around the hip joint on the outside of the base of my leg started to hurt.

I need to rest for a while.

But it gave me confidence that I could complete the half marathon distance properly.