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I was finally able to cancel the hotel reservation for free!

This is a continuation of the following article.

I made a non-refundable hotel reservation last October, but United Airlines Guam Marathon has been postponed to September due to COVID-19.


United Airlines Guam Marathon - Run in Paradise

I asked the customer service of Booking.com, but they emailed me that I had to pay 100% cancellation fee - on Saturday.

Thank you for contacting Booking.com.

We have contacted the hotel to cancel your reservation. We are very sorry, but there is no exception, and the property has been notified that the full cancellation fee will be charged.

On the other hand, I continued to exchange email directly with the hotel..

I sent the following message on Saturday;

I made a reservation via Booking.com but no response so far.

United Airlines Guam Marathon has been postponed to September because of coronavirus so I want to reschedule.

I know it’s non-refundable but I cannot check-in.

Then they replied

Hafa Adai!

Please be advised that we would need proof of flight cancellation or supporting medical documents to waive cancellation fees.

Please provide either document if possible.


Si Yu'os Ma'ase'!

So I provided the screenshot of United app and forwarded the e-ticket email.

Then the other person from the hotel replied on Sunday;

Hafa Adai 

Email Received.

Please send cancellation with zero balance.

Thank you

I am not working for booking.com so I asked the customer service.

Then finally!

Well, I felt obliged so I rebooked to the same hotel again.