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I got a new Kindle with pink fabric case

I got my first Kindle in September 2015, and I got another Kindle Paperwhite 7th generation during Amazon Prime Day in 2017.

I gave my dad my first Kindle when he was in a hospital to kill time, then he was so happy to read without glasses, and he became a bookworm and bought his own Kindle Paperwhite after leaving a hospital.

But I couldn't be a bookworm. 

I discharged my Kindle Paperwhite repeatedly and its battery deteriorated. It now takes over a month to get a full charge.

I was considering buying the next new Kindle Paperwhite, thinking it was time for a replacement. However, its screen size is 6.8 inches. It does not meet my needs as a compact person. And the price is too high.

I'll say it again and again, I am not a prolific reader.

  • I want a compact size
  • I want to read while lying down to sleep.
  • I want a dark mode (inverted black and white display)
  • I do not need color adjustment.
  • I don't need waterproofing.
  • Not a bookworm
  • I don't read comics.
  • I just want to comfortably read text-based books.
  • I want to buy Kindle books directly from my device

Then I guess the new Kindle is a better choice. I have changed my mind.

Amazon Japan offers a 1500 yen discount when you buy a Kindle, genuine cover and screen protector as a set.

Compare with my Kindle Paperwhite and the new Kindle.

Same display size and resolution as my old Kindle Paperwhite. The bezels around the screen are slimmer and more compact.

This new Kindle is exactly the same size as my paperback.

I know there are no discounts on Kindle devices during this Amazon Spring Sale besides 1500 yen discount, but I couldn't wait for Amazon Prime Day.

But, I have no regret. I am happy to get this lovely new Kindle. Best of all, it supports dark mode and can invert the background color. I can enjoy reading in comfort at bedtime.