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Why do they want us to eat insects so badly?

In Japan, food products using insects are beginning to be marketed.

Do you want some?

Chirimen Maggot

Exactly Chirimen Sansho (Small Dried Sardine with Sansho Pepper). Maggot from Gunma Prefecture, grown by Fly High with okara (soy pulp), is cooked sweet and spicy with grape sansho from Wakayama Prefecture before being dried.

I don't think most Japanese people know what maggots are. Basically, the people are weak in foreign languages.

Speaking of maggots, I neglected to dispose of my food scraps over the summer, resulting in a garbage can full of fly eggs and maggots. Decomposing corpses attract lots of flies and maggots, don't they?

The other day I met someone who works in the sewage industry. He said that the things that come out during sewage treatment are cockroaches and crickets at the same time. Therefore, he recognizes that crickets are essentially the same as cockroaches.

Companies that make insect foods seem to raise crickets and maggots specifically for "food". They seem to be feeding those "edible" insects high quality corn and soy pulp.
Wait a minute. Why are they feeding corn or soybeans to crickets and maggots instead of feeding them to humans? Is that the proper way to prepare for a food crisis?

PASCO, which sells bread and other products, appears to be selling products made with cricket powder online. www.pascoshop.com

It was known for selling products based on the motto of not adding anything extra, was supported by many people, but that has come to an end.

When the public learned of this fact, they questioned the company's stance, and there is a movement to stop buying any of their products. Then PASCO responded by saying that what people are criticizing on social networking sites is a conspiracy theory. They countered that bread sold in supermarkets and other places does not use crickets.

That's not the point.

Apparently, they do not understand the intention of the public boycott.

What do you think?