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If you want to be wrong then follow the masses

I found the following interesting tweet the other day;

Now I am totally agree with the tweet.

indoctrination with education

I have long ago asserted many times that the more educated and TEACHER'S PET you are, the more you trust the TV media and government.

The rainy season ended last month in Japan, and the harsh heat continues. The Japanese government has therefore issued a policy that allows people to take off their masks outside as long as they are at least 2 meters away from other people.

However, many Japanese still wear masks.

If the government strongly urges us to "Take it off!" we will take off our masks.

They are like people who die when the government tells them to die.

Wearing a mask rapidly increases the temperature and humidity inside the mask. It is obvious that the wearing of masks accelerates heat stroke.

before wearing a mask   after wearing a mask

Harmful effects of masks

  • Mouth breathing causes shallow breathing,
    ➡ weakens cardiopulmonary functions.
  • It is difficult to feel thirst and notice dehydration.
  • The mask increases the amount of carbon dioxide and decreases the amount of oxygen,
    ➡ the body cells do not receive enough oxygen, and the body's physical strength declines.

They claim that if they don't wear masks, they will get covid and annoy everyone, but don't they realize that this will increase the number of people being taken to the emergency room due to heat stroke, which in turn will annoy more people?

According to another news report, most Japanese want to take off their masks, but they keep them on because they are afraid of being treated like a freak if they do. They worry about keeping up appearances.

No need for that ridiculous "stay at least two meters away from other people when outside" requirement.

They like to follow the masses. They are all sheeple.