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Japan is an experimental country

Did you know that Japan is known as an "experimental country"?

There is a famous quote by Truman, who was the president of the United States.

Hypocrites, camouflaged societies, and Panama documents

Franklin, Truman, and Emperor Mage

We keep monkeys (Japanese people) under the name of “freedom of truth”.
The method need only give them some luxury and convenience.
And release sports, screen, sex (3S).
Because monkeys (Japanese) are our domestic animals. To that end, it must be longevity.
Make them sick (with chemicals) and keep them alive.
By this we will continue to get the harvest. This is also the authority of the winning country.

The purpose of school education in Japan is to deprive students of the ability to think and train them to become future cogs in society. To be people who meekly listen to their bosses and work for cheap salaries.

I find that the more educated people are, the more likely they are to believe that everything the TV, the media, and the government says is correct, without questioning it.

On the contrary, people who are not so bright in terms of education know more about the world and have better thinking and judgment skills.

TV and media are brainwashing devices. During the war, the people had exactly bought into the media, something like "Japan is a strong country! We will definitely win the war! We will fight back against the enemy with bamboo spears!"


Try to think calmly. Look at things from a flat perspective, with a level head. Do you not see how strange this is?

Doctors and experts in the media are just "paid actors". Many pharmaceutical companies pay them big bucks for their services.

Why do about 90% of Japanese people believe in TV, the media and the government? One of the factors is food additives.

It is a shame that the Japanese people believe in the media more than any other people in the world, and have the lowest average study time in the world as adults.

  • World's lowest regulation on electromagnetic waves
  • Lowest pesticide residue regulation in the world
  • World's highest level of additives and genetic modification
  • The world's highest level of drug consumption and radiation exposure
  • World's highest chlorine concentration in tap water
  • World's most bedridden
  • World's highest suicide rate among young people
  • World's highest gambling addiction ...etc.

This is a fact that CIA created the Japanese political party, the Liberal Democratic Party.

In other words, the current LDP government is merely at the mercy of the CIA.

That's why they did what the CIA told them to do, such as releasing treated nuclear water into the ocean.

I just recently learned that Emperor Hirohito was a former CIA agent. Adolf Hitler as well.



The other day, the following was reported on TV.

 According to Professor Hiroyuki Moriuchi of Nagasaki University, "the third dose of vaccination can awaken the memory of immunity, even though immunity fades gradually."
The third vaccination in Japan is for Pfizer and Moderna products. If the global epidemic does not subside, "there is a possibility that we will have to vaccinate every year for the time being."

"A third dose of vaccination can trigger the memory of immunity."
What is the mechanism and what is the evidence for this?

He got a lots of money from pharmaceutical companies. He is just a "paid actor".

Hiroyuki Moriuchi
Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Medical Science

Gratuity receipt summary 

pharmaceutical companies cases Amount
10 21 ¥ 2,842,112
Average 2.3
Median 1.0
Average 3.6
Median 1.0
Average ¥ 266K
Median ¥ 78K


Scholars and doctors who receive no honorarium from pharmaceutical companies are negative about vaccination.
On the other hand, scholars and doctors who receive a large amount of money from pharmaceutical companies promote vaccination.


If the vaccine is so great, why are there protests all over the world?





If the COVID-19 vaccine were effective and safe, there would be no need for massive advertising campaigns, incentives, or forced injections.
If the COVID-19 vaccine is effective and safe, there is no need to block, censor, or intimidate those who have doubts.