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I am looking for a friend seeking after the truth

I have been going to an English conversation school for over 10 years, but this pandemic is making it difficult for me to continue any longer.

First of all, we are "asked" to wear masks when attending classes, and in fact, I feel that it is almost "mandatory". On top of that, the manager told me to wear a non-woven mask.

Japanese people probably think that if they make a "request," they will be listened to. However, each of us should have a choice whether or not to comply with the "request". Because the "request" is not "law".

Although it is said that there is evidence that non-woven masks are most effective, the actual assumptions are different. In the case of non-woven masks, the mask itself is the subject of the mass screening test and does not simulate the wearing of the mask. On the other hand, other masks, such as cloth, are tested for leakage when worn. In other words, in the case of non-woven masks, leakage from the edges when worn is not considered. It is impossible to wear a mask without gaps.

Does no one notice the contradiction?

Statistics such as the number of daily infections are reported, but the denominator is never revealed. The most important statistic should be the numerator to the denominator. They are just comparing numbers with different denominators.

Worse yet, only cumulative numbers are reported and duplicate counts are made, causing people to become anxious and fearful and to stop thinking.

Probably more than 90% of people do not know the fact. They never question it, they just believe what the TV media tells them. They all say exactly the same thing.

Doesn't that mean that they have stopped thinking?

They remind me of a sheep-like Wesen "Seelengut" from the American TV drama "Grimm".


Seelengut : GRIMM Season 2 Episode 5

Anyway, I am considering switching to the online English conversation classes because wearing a mask is too much of a hassle for me.

I took the sample class yesterday and the teacher in charge was one of those typical people out there. He seemed to be looking forward to his next vaccination. I don't understand why he is so excited about it. Could it be that he has become addicted to vaccines?

I am sick and tired of conversing with people like him who stop thinking like sheeps. At least I want to talk to someone who tries to see things from a different angle.


Anyhow, I want to have an in-depth talk with those who don't treat truth-seekers like freaks or conspiracy theorists.


Some people say that the end result of this circumstance would lead to "1984" by George Orwell. I totally agree with them.