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I cannot live in Sheeple Society

I have a TV, but I don't watch it. Because it looks like a bunch of crap shows and propaganda. They seem to be deliberately trying to sway and polarize viewers to fight each other. Most of them seem to be played by rad actors, and the media usually spews negative information to unsettle the viewers.

I go jogging in the park every morning, and most of my jogging mate are people who cannot live without TV. Naturally, I can't keep up with their conversations.

The other day, while I was jogging with them, they were talking about some TV program and I kept quiet. Then they asked me if I watch TV. I replied, "I have a TV, but I don't watch it.”

People who love TV assume that all information from TV is true. On the other hand, they assume that all information that does not come from TV is a lie and a conspiracy theory.

In fact, all information is fake: not just TV and media, but the Internet, social networking sites, and every source has the truth mixed in with the lies.

So how do we determine the truth? The answer is intuition.

However, I believe that intuition is an ability that is developed through experience. If there is too much not known, intuition does not exist.

Unknown information is frightening to some people. They are afraid to find out what they don't know. What they don't know or understand is usually viewed negatively.

When I told the jogging mate facts that are never mentioned on TV, they reflexively responded, "It's a conspiracy theory!" They said a word against me.

So I said, "If you think I am freak, go ahead and think that way."  - Everybody went silent.

I think that was a parting shot or something. The next thing I knew, their pace slowed down and they were moving away from me.

Most Japanese cannot use English well. Some people have theorized that the Japanese may be deliberately making English unusable. Because the Japanese are smart and if they could use English well, they would be a threat to the ruling class itself?

Society is already polarized; I don't think Sheeple and People can understand each other anymore. 

There are only a limited number of topics on which I can have a conversation with them. For example, "I bought this product," "I ordered this at the coffee shop," "I ate this at the restaurant." And so on.

Most Sheeple seem to have a tendency to enjoy talking bad about others. I don't feel good about that kind of talk. They cannot accept people with different values. They view people with different ideas and viewpoints as outsiders and despise them.

The weaker people are, the more they flock together, the more they want to look down on and discriminate against others, and the more they want to speak ill of others.

What a crazy society we live in.