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Ehomaki is sexual harassment

Today is Setsubun day. Tomorrow is "Risshun," which is considered spring according to the calendar.

If you wonder what Setsubun is, I think the following article might be helpful to understand.

For the past several years, convenience stores and supermarkets have been selling ehomaki during the Setsubun season.

On TV, even female announcers are advertising it by biting into ehomaki, but don't you feel that the way they eat it is somehow strange and unbecoming?

Closing your eyes, silently eating the futomaki (thick sushi roll) in one gulp to the end without cutting it?

What a weird and obscene or indecendent way to eat!

And that's just as well...

Ehomaki was the lewd "adult game" of Hanamachi!

In the Hanayagi world, on Setsubun day, there was a "sexy adult game" in which geisha were made to eat a whole roll of futomaki, which was made to look like “the master's genitals”.

Inspired by this Hanamachi game, a sushi shop (nori shop) in Osaka promoted the sales of ehomaki, which is said to have been the beginning of ehomaki.

This outrageous origin of Ehomaki came to light when some TV and newspapers reported on it.

Speaking of products that resemble male genitalia, there is a theory that hair dryer handles also began to be marketed to women by matching their size.

I personally do not like sushi rolls. Having learned this fact, I will stop eating eho maki from this year.