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Should you work for yourself?


There are various ways of working styles - not only working for a company but also working for yourself. People around me seem to believe that only working for a company is the right path. Even though there are so many other ways to work, they don’t know about them very well. That’s why they regard all those who are not working for companies as unemployed, just playing around or something.

Actually, I’ve changed my jobs a lot. I've worked many kinds of jobs. I've worked at restaurants, electric stores, and taught how to use computer or mobile devices. Now I am working for myself. But, I don’t say working for a company is bad. I learned a lot while I was employed. I can understand every other people’s job. However, every time I explain to others about my job, it always takes time to make them to understand.

These days, young people quit their jobs or universities and start working for themselves as a blogger in Japan. They are influenced by Japanese famous bloggers who graduated from prestigious universities then quit the great companies because the famous bloggers have lack of social skills. They don't know about those things, so they always disrespect those who work for companies and society. 

In fact, if you want to earn money from the ads, you have to keep writing useful and valuable articles so that the readers become happy. Sufficient social experience is necessary to write valuable articles. How can they do that?

In order to get money, they sometimes act against morality. All they can do is begging or fraud on the Internet. Their target is those who can not access the information resource satisfactorily or who can not fully utilize the information. Something like "I will teach you how to earn 1,000,000 yen a month, so pay a half year contract 200,000 yen"


I think learning society is the most important. It is necessary to know your position and find your vocation to contribute to society. You should have a lot of experience to know about yourself. Everyone has different abilities, and there is something only you can do. Even if people tell you a lot, you should decide your own choice for your own life ultimately. I don't want you to regret.

Whatever working style you choose, everyone needs social skills and communication skills.