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Can you make your wish come true just by thinking about it?

I forget if it was a few years ago, but there was a boom in entrepreneurship in Japan. However, they only had the goal of starting a business, but had no concrete ideas about what kind of business they would do or how they would act and trade.

Thinking is not enough to get results. The necessary steps in between are forgotten by Japanese people these days.

The first of the Japanese government's nine "moonshot goals" is "freedom from the constraints of body, brain, space, and time."

Moonshot Goal 1: Realization of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050

To overcome the challenges of a declining birthrate, aging population and associated labor shortage, the key is to realize a society free from the limitations of body, brain, space, and time and allow people with various backgrounds and values – such as the elderly and those with esponsibilities for nursing and childcare – to actively participate in society.

Our R&D will develop core technologies related to cyborgs and avatars, called ‘Cybernetic Avatars', allowing expansion of human physical, cognitive and perceptual abilities. We will build ‘Cybernetic Avatar Infrastructure' in the cloud while easing the acceptance of Cybernetic Avatars into future society.


For example, when a person who cannot play the piano wants to play the piano, DOCOMO is promoting the idea that 6G technology can make it possible to borrow a pianist's skills to play the piano.

Docomo is developing a platform for "human augmentation," a technology that synchronizes a person's movements and senses with those of other people and robots, in preparation for the 6G era.

I dare to ask you a question. Why were you born?

Even if you could play the piano in sync with a professional, it is realistically difficult for someone who has never had that practice or experience at all to play the piano. This is because it requires a certain amount of muscle and flexibility to move the fingers.

One musician points this out. He can play the guitar, but he has practiced for a long time. Besides, it requires strength to play the guitar. An amateur cannot play the guitar out of the blue because it hurts his fingers.

People need action to accomplish something. Trying and experiencing different things is what makes life fun.

However, the Japanese have forgotten the necessity of that "action" process and have become people who wait for instructions. They no longer have their own initiative.

They cannot make any decisions about wearing masks without instructions from the government.

Are you happy to have someone else make decisions about your life? Don't you think your life should be decided by yourself?

Do you want to be a robot waiting for someone what to do? Do you want to be a tool for someone else??

You are NOT a robot, but a human, right?