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A message from someone from the past

I recently received the following message via contact form.

Date: 2022/05/26 18:14


My name is Max from GeeksMix, my SEO agency.
Is it possible to place an article on your website wanichan.net with a link to one of my clients?
How much will that cost?
Also, if you have more sites, please let me know.


I googled GeeksMix, but it doesn't seem some spam or anything.


But, I still do not get what he wants, Is this sort of link exchange or something? If so, that is already an outdated strategy. Maybe he seems to have come from more than 20 years ago. What a fantastic time traveler!

Wait a minute... Perhaps he means that he wants to publish an article on my website to promote his client's business? sort of ads page?

I'm sorry, but I don't accept that kind of thing. wanichan.net, is run to disseminate technical information about Microsoft products and services, as well as site management, etc., and not other content. 

I don't think its domain age is that long, I took it in April 2013 when I felt like it.

By the way, the oldest one is wanichan.com, ever since November 2002.

In any case, I cannot accept such an offer on my web sites.

If you want to promote something, please use Google ads. Thank you.