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Network Failure in Japan was because of Google?


Network failure happened on Friday in Japan. The pageviews on my websites went down because they could not use the Internet.

One of the major Japanese ISP (Internet Service Provider) OCN and some parts of KDDI got into the trouble. I just translated into English from the Japanese article with my small brain;

Google, the leading IT company, apologized on Monday that large-scale Internet connection failure that occurred on 25th in Japan was due to a misconfiguration of the network by the company.

I have been looking for the English version about the latest article.

Oh... I got it!

Google ads on the Internet had not been working well for a while, so the revenue went down unfortunately.

Even if it is not a cyber attack, it is a form that highlighted the vulnerability of the Internet society where mistakes of major businesses cause confusion.

Well, that's life... that's what I am trying to tell myself.