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How to organize a room?

I am now trying to organize my small room. I am not good at cleaning up my own room. When I was living with my parents, my mom always told me to clean up my room.


Every time I start working on it, I always realize that there is a lot of trash.

I bought a book about "Throw it away! - comfortable life" long time ago, but it's hard to do that because I think like "I might need this one some day so I will keep it".

"Some day never comes" - that's what people say.

I always tell myself; "Don't buy what you want, Buy what you need"

One time, I went shopping and bought a new bag I wanted, then when I arrived home, I found the simillar bags in my room. That's waste of money.

I was chatting about that with a friend of mine in the US. He has the same problem.

These days I bought two adjustable cart racks like the following picture.


And I did throw away 10 boxes like the below. I had to pay for the disposal 200 yen each so I paid 2000 yen in total.