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Leaks in my room because of the last typhoon (Jebi)

The typhoon Jebiwas already gone but the disaster wasn't over yet.

Typhoon Jebi (2018) - Wikipedia

According to the weather forecast, it will be heavy rain this weekend.


I noticed that My room has been flooded with rain. I am sure that's because of the typhoon.


Come to think of it, I heard the sound that something big flying object hit the roof. I live on the top floor of the apartment (6 stories). That figures.


I did the following tweet at that time.

I heard a loud noise. Seems like some huge objects are hitting the building

I called the landlord to come but they seemed to be exhausted due to lack of manpower.

They've already recognized there is heavy damage on the rooftop just above my room. They asked me which room I live again, then when I answered the question, they said "That figures...". They will come tomorrow.