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Good news from my website user who have passed the MOS exam

I got the following email during new year's holiday.



I am sorry to say that this is an old article, but I used this Outlook 2010 article (https://www.wanichan.com/pc/outlook/2010/) completely and successfully passed MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) with nearly perfect marks.
I am very grateful that there was a problem that was only described on this site.
Thank you very much.
I will continue to use it. 

Sent: Thursday, January 2, 04:07:01 AM

Exam 77-884: Outlook 2010



Actually, I have not taken the MOS test at all. I'm just creating the exam preparation contents. Don't you think it's nice if someone informed you like "I passed the exam" because of your website?

Actually this is not the first time. More than 3 times?

Last time was 3 years ago - Excel 2013?

I applied for the specialistlist immediately after entering the summer vacation last week, and after studying here for one week, I was able to pass it if I took it as a trial today! It was just barely ...
I am very happy to have a good start for summer vacation. I'm really thankful to you.
There are still more than 50 days in the office, so I will study other here.

Post: July 28 2016, 9:38 PM