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Publishing a book is unprofitable

I got a feedback from my website user and he asked me if I was planning to publish a new book about Microsoft Expression Web 4, which is now freeware to manage your own website.

I wrote the following 2 books of Expression Web (Japanese).


However, Microsoft decided to discontiue for Microsoft Expression in December 2012.


That's why I am no longer a Microsoft MVP.

In fact, publishing a book is not profitable. These days people switch using Internet instead of books to get information so they don't buy books than before. As a result, it's very hard to do that.

If you really want to become someone who is respected, you could try it, though. Actually I got some fame after I published a book, but I cannot make a living with fame.

Writing articles on my website is much more profitable than publishing a book. No deadline. I can correct some mistakes anytime.