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Google Japan Algorithm Update

There are so many fake news on the Internet. They are posting such worthless articles in order to get money from Google AdSense or so. Not only in the US, in Japan as well.

I have been working on my website ever since January 25, 1999.  The first achievement of the one milion pageviews a month was on April 24, 2014.


After the next new year's holiday, the pageview came back.


According to Google Analytics, this lasted until July 2015.


However, not a few people established their websites or blogs to get money. They never create their original valuable content, but they just scraped content like copied from other articles without the owner's permission. That's copyright infringement.


Even though they are all trash, they have been keeping the top of the Google search results. so the pageviews on my website started decreasing. Please take a look the following reporting.


Finally, Google Japan handled the problem this month.


Thanks to the Google algorithm update, the monthly page views on my website www.wanichan.com is back to one million.

Thank you, Google!