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Don't get caught up in the vortex of information

Lately, the TV media has been spreading information that may or may not be true. Those who believe that the information on TV is correct take all of that information to be correct.

Justice and Evil. Justice can change as positions change. Remember, "justice" is not always right or good.

So many people are confused by the vortex of information, especially social networking services such as Twitter or FaceBook.

I was once quite mentally damaged by the vortex of information. Especially Twitter.

One female influencer confided on Twitter that she would get paid if she spread certain information. It seems that PR firms tend to make such offers to those who have more than 10,000 followers.

The current situation is quite sensitive, but it is precisely at times like this that we should maintain our neutral position. This way, we will not be misled by information that may be false or true, and we will be able to maintain our own axis.

Maybe it is better to judge things intuitively, not to believe information that may or may not be false.

I believe that it is important to consider why the information was generated and to make one's own judgment, rather than simply accepting the information.