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Starbucks Japan's measures for COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Starbucks announced measures for coronavirus

Translation (an extract)

Notice of changes in store operations related to the spread and prevention of new coronavirus infection

Thank you very much for using Starbucks.
We sincerely thank all those affected by the new coronavirus infection and those concerned.

Regarding the spread and prevention of the new coronavirus infection, Starbucks Coffee Japan has placed the highest priority on customer safety, and has ensured that about 40,000 partners (employees) working in stores and offices nationwide can work with peace of mind. Since the early occurrence of the disease in Japan, strengthen measures such as wearing masks for partners, installing alcohol for disinfecting customers, and canceling coffee seminars.
We will continue to take measures in light of the ever-changing situation in the future, but as of Monday, March 2, we will inform you of the hygiene management and store operations that have been decided to implement at all stores as follows.

■ About services

  • Temporarily suspending drinks at the tumbler you bring
    * You can use the drink ticket (official name: Commuter Mag Coupon) attached when purchasing the tumbler.
  • Suspended use of mugs and stainless forks / knives, and switched to paper cups and plastic forks / knives sequentially
  • Provision of products to be delivered directly, load of method of money transfer
  • Stop sampling drinks and food
  • Temporary reduction of milk, honey and powder installed in the store
  • Cancel coffee seminars, local activities and events

 But you can get the 20 yen cup discount if you have some mug or tumbler. Just show them yours, and they will give you 20 yen discount.


Instead of stainless fork, a plastic one like this. They offer paper cups for hot beverage.

Schools are now closed nationwide. I didn't see any students there, so now you can sit and eat or drink in the Starbucks.