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Why are restaurants restricted to open until 8pm?

In Japan, the declaration of a state of emergency has been extended as a measure against new coronavirus infections. In particular, restaurants have been restricted to open until 8:00 pm.

I have a question. Why until 8 pm? Will Covid-19 be active after 8:00 pm?


I think it is obvious that our government is trying to crush our economy. Lockdown makes no sense. In fact, the number of suicides in Japan is many times higher than the number of deaths caused by coronavirus infection.

The government is trying to decimate the economy, increase suicides, and reduce the population.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the basic performance of the vaccine is expected to be prevention of onset and severity of illness, not prevention of infection. The side effects of vaccines are being closely watched these days.


 This is the warning from an Italian doctor. You can see the English subtitles as well.

"Covid" means the "certificate of identification of vaccination with artifical intelligence"
and "19", it is the year in which it was created.

In other words, it is an attempt by the devil, led by Bill Gates, to force us to take vaccines to reduce the population. The vaccine is supposed to include a microchip, and if you don't get it, you can't shop, travel, or do anything else.

Look at the following video. Muscle injections must be quite painful, but why is there no change in Vice President Kamala Harris' face?

 Bill Gates, who is involved in vaccines, said he would never vaccinate himself or his family.