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I won the Starbucks Lucky Bag 2023 lottery sale

In Japan, lucky bags are sold in many places during the New Year holidays. It's normal for the contents of a lucky bag to be hit or miss.

However, you are not likely to be too disappointed with the Starbucks Lucky Bag. This is because there is always a Starbucks-related item in it. This is why Starbucks Lucky Bags are so popular in Japan. 

Starbucks Lucky Bag 2023

¥7,800 (Tax included, free shipping)

A relaxing and healing moment in the new year.
Soft textured quilted tote bag with
Lucky Bag limited edition stainless steel bottle/goods
Plus, packed with coffee, drink tickets, and other items.

When I changed my smartphone from Android to iPhone, I was a bit annoyed that I could no longer make touch payments at Starbucks. Then, Starbucks offered a limited number of Starbucks keychains that could be used for touch payments. Something like this.

I applied for the lottery sale, but was unsuccessful.

Anyway, Starbucks Japan announced the Lucky Bag 2023 lottery sale on November 7.  I applied for it with a light heart, thinking I would not be selected anyway.

After I completely forgot about that, I received the winning notification on the Starbucks app on my iPhone.

Winners have to purchase it by December 5. Otherwise, the right to purchase it will be given to someone else.

The higher the expectations, the more tremendous the disappointment when they are not met.

I searched Twitter for tweets mentioning Starbucks lucky bag and found this one:

I told myself about the Starbucks lucky bag.
I'm the one who breaks down crying instantly.
Sorry, I can't win another Starbucks lucky bag for years to come.
I'm going to tell myself now that there will be no more Starbucks lucky bag for me or for this year.
Some of you have never won one.
I will never forgive Starbucks.

The more people who forget that they applied for the lottery sale, the more likely they are to win unexpectedly. Like me.