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Which sub-bag is better for the airport?

I bought a raspberry purse pochette at the department store yesterday. I will be using that purse pochette as my iPhone compartment as well. Look at this combination. Isn't that good?


I also bought a navy shoulder bag as a sub-bag for my Magenta OUTDOOR backpack before. I took the shoulder bag with me on a trip last year, though.

So I lined up the purse pochette I bought yesterday and the navy shoulder bag to compare which one is better.


We frequently take our smartphones and passports out of our bags, especially when we're traveling at the airport.

Backpacks are great for travel, but taking them out of that backpack can be a hassle.

After comparing with them, I think the raspberry purse pochette isn't a bad idea as a sub bag for the Magenta backpack. Actually, you can even put your passport inside this purse pochette.




By the way, Japanese can go to Guam without any problems from July 1st. The official announcement was made on Wednesday.


So, starting July 1, we can go there without a certificate of negative coronavirus infection. I mean, I think there are almost no hospitals that issue that certificate. Their argument is that the PCR test is not accurate so they can't prove that.

Anyway, I'm just hoping things will continue to settle down without a hitch.