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Reference Type on Excel for iPhone

I have been writing about Microsoft Office for many years, and currently I am working on updating the articles on my website.

If you want to change the reference type of a cell in an Excel formula creation, you can use the F4 key in Windows or Mac.

However, the mobile device versions of Excel, such as iPhone and iPad, do not have function keys in the first place, so you must tap the desired reference cell and select "Reference Type" from the pop-up menu.

Then, the reference type cannot be selected. This is because it is hidden by the soft keyboard.

When the formula bar was placed at the top of the spreadsheet, all reference types were listed.

The formula bar must be expanded in advance to display the list of reference types.

Then you can barely scroll through the list of reference types to select one.

Why was the specification changed that way? I don't think most people would notice it, and wouldn't it be easier to understand if you could select from a list instead of scrolling down to select?