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Contents of my Starbucks Lucky Bag 2023

I previously posted that I won the Starbucks Lucky Bag 2023 lottery sale.

Since I usually spend the first two days of the New Year with my family and am usually busy, I decided to specify delivery on the morning of January 3.

However, they did not deliver by noon. Much later, the courier came to me and said, "I'm sorry I'm late."

Here is the package delivered.

What's in your lucky bag is different for everyone.

What do they all have in common: a white quilted bag, 250 grams of Pike Place Market coffee beans, a coffee bean redemption coupon, a greenish stainless steel bottle, and seven drink tickets?

What was in my lucky bag was as if they knew what my needs were.

A pink mug, and also a campus notebook, plus a donut cushion.

The cushion was vacuum-packed, but when I opened it, I found this delicious-looking doughnut.

I was just in need of a chair cushion. I am using that now.