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I am into Starbucks Japan SAKURAFUL series

I often go to the Starbucks, expecially before the English class at 2 pm. Well, I cannot prepare for the class at home. I do that at very last minutes.

I really love this SAKURA chiffon cake, so I ordered it with Tokyo Roast Moused Foam Latte - taken at 11:53.


For a limited time mousse form latte using TOKYO roast

Starbucks Reserve® Roosterie A double-shot latte with a mousse foam poured from Tokyo roasts roasted in Tokyo. Starbucks Reserve® Roosterly Developed in Japan, inspired by the espresso beverage.

Tokyo Roast Moused Foam Latte (unit: kcal)
Milk type Short Tall Grande Ventl
Milk - 114 - -
Low fat - 97 - -
No fat - 80 - -
Soymilk - 111 - -

But I was not finished yet so I went to the second. SAKURAFUL Milk Latte. Taken at 12:43.


Spring-flavored latte in the image of cherry blossoms in full bloom

This year's cherry latte will make you feel the early spring arrival.
Combines the strawberry which is compatible with cherry blossoms, and finished it with a gentle and gentle taste.
It looks like the flower petals of a cherry blossom are dancing, and it looks like a cherry blossom in full bloom.

SAKURAFUL Milk Latte (unit: kcal)
Milk type Short Tall Grande Ventl
Milk 278 396 513 619
Low fat 248 351 453 544
No fat 217 305 393 470
Soymilk 273 389 504 504

As I have been using electricity and a seat for more than an hour, I think I should oder something else again.
I pay by Mobile Starbucks card, and saving Starbucks Reward stars, 4 stars to go!

Let's collect Star

You can collect 1 star per payment (excluding tax) on your registered Starbucks card. A Reward button will be displayed for every 150 Gold Stars. 

 4 stars means 200 yen?