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Starbucks Sakura 2022


I love Sakura series in Starbucks Japan. I got the Sakura Strawberry Shiratama (rice‐flour dumplings) Frappuccino soymilk version with chocolate sauce for free on Thursday.


Sakura Strawberry Shiratama (rice-flour dumplings) Frappuccino with chocolate sause

Frappuccino with the texture of shiratama, representing cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Frappuccino® is a blend of sakura colored white balls (rice-flour dumplings), milk, and sakura strawberry flavored sauce, topped with whipped cream, sakura strawberry shave chocolate, and soft and moist raw yatsuhashi. With each sip, you can enjoy the sticky texture of the rice-flour dumplings.
The soft pink color of the Frappuccino® reminds us of cherry blossoms in full bloom, so why don't you feel the early arrival of spring?

Yatsuhashi is Kyoto's typical sweets.


Sakura Strawberry Shirotama (rice-flour dumplings) Frappuccino
Milk type energy (kcal) protein (g) fat (g) carbohydrate (g) salt (g)
Milk 362 4.8 13.2 56.4 0.5 
Low fat 351 4.8 11.7 56.8 06 
No fat 339 4.8 10.2 57.1 0.6 
soymilk 358 4.6 13.8 54.3 0.5 
almond milk 344 2.1 13.8 53.6 0.6 
oats milk 347 1.9 12.1 58.1 0.5 

The recommended customization for this Frappuccino is soy milk and chocolate chips.

+50 yen + tax each.


But I love keep it pink so only soymilk it is.

You can top with chocolate sauce and still keep the pink color. The chocolate sauce will be the color of a cherry tree, right? The chocolate sauce is free.

Anyway my favorate is Sakura chiffon cake. I will definately get the one soon. Last time I ate it was last March?


Sakura chiffon cake with Spring latte - March 17, 2021

Chiffon cake with the soft flavor of cherry blossoms

Sakura leaf powder is mixed into the mouth-watering batter and wrapped with whipped cream. The cake is topped with salted cherry blossoms. The sweetness of the cake is accentuated by the salty taste, making it a delight to the last bite.
The slightly sakura-colored batter and the cherry blossom topping are gentle and reminiscent of spring. Enjoy the early arrival of spring with this moist and chewy chiffon cake.

Next time I will try it with Sakura Latte.