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Starbucks Japan - Coffee Jelly with your favorite Frappuccino

Now you can add coffee jelly in any Frappuccino.


The texture of the coffee jelly, which looks like the bottom of the cup, uses coffee extracted from espresso roast, which is the coffee bean that is the basis of the espresso drink in the shop, and the coffee aroma is richly contained. .
And now, for a limited time, you can customize "Coffee Jelly (+ 100 yen)" to your favorite Frappuccino® (all products and all sizes).

Then I gave it a try - Matcha Cream Frappuccino

Matcha Cream Frappuccino (unit:kcal)
Milk type Short Tall Grande Ventl
Milk 314 342 488 601
Low fat 300 325 465 573
No fat 286 308 442 546
Soymilk 311 339 484 573
Discover Your Starbucks
Name Amount of topping kcal
Espresso shot 1 shot 5
Vanilla syrup 1 pump 19
Caramel syrup 1 pump 19
Classic syrup 1 pump 21
Almond Tofee syrup 1 pump 22
Chocolate syrup 1 pump 48
White mocha syrup 1 pump 53
Chai syrup Tall size 104
Whip Cream Tall size 83
Chocolate tip 1 spoon 24
Caramel sauce Tall size 17
Chocolate sauce Tall size 12
Citrus pulp 1 spoon 73
Coffee Jelly 2 spoon 40
  • Soy milk (+50 yen)
  • Chocolate sause
  • Coffee jelly addition (+100 yen)
  • Extra powder
  • non-syrup


I got the Reward ticket so I can get it for free up to 750 yen, but I could not use it with the cup discount.

The message on the cup

It's spring, isn't it!

Thank you very much as always ❤ 

The tastes really Japanese. Kind of "eating" Japanese sweets.

If you are a bit hungry, I would recommend this frappuccino.

Actually I went there in the morning in order to get the reward ticket. I ordered passion tea. Actually I sweated a lot because I walked from my home.