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Partly English on Microsoft Office for Mac

I am in Insider Fast for Microsoft Office for Mac, but after I updated to the Version 16.24 (190313), I am stucked reviewing new version on my website because of the localizing bug.

Look at the following screenshot. Partly English on the menu bar.


It should be this.


  • 編集→Edit
  • 表示→View
  • ウィンドウ→Window
  • ヘルプ→Help

And some of the commands are English, too.


  • Word
    • バージョン情報
    • 環境設定 ⌘
    • サインアウト
    • Services
    • Wordを隠す ⌘H
    • Hide Others ⌥⌘H
    • Show All
    • Wordを終了 ⌘Q

It should be...f:id:wanichan:20190317130443p:plain

Another bug is on Window menu


  • Window
    • Minimize ⌘M
    • Zoom
    • 新しいウィンドウを開く
    • ウィンドウの整列
    • 分割
    • Bring All to Front

It should be this


When I select from Word > Version Info


Almost English, right?

It must be this


  • Wordについて➡About Word
  • バージョン➡Version
  • プロダクトID➡Product ID
  • ライセンス➡License
  • 所属先➡Belongs to
  • デバイスID➡Device ID
  • サードパーティに関する通知➡Third Party Notices

I have been trying to check the update, no update so far.

FYI: The Japanese blog article is the below.