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Starbucks Japan offers Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino


Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino

Frappuccino® inspired by Santa boots packed with your favorite sweets

A base of chocolate sauce and chocolate chips was layered with salty shred potatoes, and red pearl chocolate was added to the top to create a gorgeous Christmas-like color.
Enjoy your favorite Christmas with edible cookie straws inspired by candy canes.

I love chocolate so I go to the Starbucks often lately.

The first time I tried was on December 4. No customized.


The next time was on Tuesday, with espresso shot +50 yen.


The Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino is said to capture the exciting “moment” of opening a Christmas present, and just like a Christmas boot, the cup comes filled with a variety of treats like chocolates, cookies…and potato chips.

We need a spoon to "eat" poteto chips. You don't have to order any other food because they are already included.

If you would like bitter, I defenitely recommend you add coffee shot.

690 yen + tax. (for here: +69 yen, to go: +55 yen) 

Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino 

Milk type energy (kcal) protein (g) fat (g) carbohydrate (g) salt (g)
Milk 515 6.8 23.0 70.5 0.7 
Low fat 498 7.0 21.0 70.6 0.7 
No fat 481 7.2 19.0 70.8 0.7 
Soymilk 513 7.5 23.5 68.3 0.8 

Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino® Recommended customization


Citrus pulp Santa boots chocolate Frappuccino

Add a bit of sour citrus pulp to the taste of chocolate while it is full of chocolate. Recommended for those who like oranges and those who want to enjoy unusual customization.
+100 yen


Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino® with chocolate sauce + honey

Add plenty of chocolate and rich sweetness to transform into even more luxurious Santa boots. Recommended when you are tired.