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Starbucks Japan offers Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino


That # Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino ® released last year is back. We will deliver two flavors of red and white this year. (from April 11)

FYI, last year's post is below.

Yesterday, I tried the following red one,


Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino® Red

Red is Frappuccino® that you can fully enjoy the taste of strawberries from the first bite until you finish drinking. Sweet and sour, like eating a raw strawberry, and creamy whipped cream mix, and the taste of the fresh strawberry spreads in the mouth.

Price: 640 yen + tax

and after taking an English class, I tried the following white one.


Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino® White

White is Frappuccino®, which offers strawberry macaroons with a taste of strawberry and crisp texture. Sweet and sour strawberry and white mocha syrup, macaroon and whipped are combined to make a sweet, sweet, frappuccino® with a dessert feel.

Price: 640 yen + tax


Compared with them, I like the red one. I think the white version is okay, but I prefer "eating" strawberry, especially for satisfaction when I'm a little hungry.

Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino Red (unit: kcal)

Milk type Short Tall Grande Ventl
- - 447 - -

Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino White (unit: kcal)

Milk type Short Tall Grande Ventl
Milk - 481 - -
Low fat - 464 - -
No fat - 447 - -
Soymilk - 478 - -