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My bike is gone during New Year's holidays

Eating soba noodles on New Year's Eve is one of traditions of Japan. We call it Toshikoshi soba.

When I was about to buy one at the convenience store, my mom texted me asking if I would like to come over and eat Toshikoshi soba. then I replied, "I was just about to buy that at the convenience store, but can I come over there now?" She said yes.

Therefore, I put the Toshikoshi soba and other items from my shopping cart back on the shelf, returned home, and rode my bicycle to my parents' house.


I'd never left home for the next three days.

I had a physical therapy appointment on Monday afternoon.

I looked all over the room for my bike key in time to leave. Unfortunately, I could not find it.

When I went to the bike yard, my bike was not there. I guess I had left the key on my bike.

I had to rush to the orthopedics.

The doctor told me not to run because I got hip osteoarthritis. I need a bike.

So I had to buy a new one. - green, 27 inches, 6 gear