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New Year's Holiday

I stayed at my parents' house from New year's eve for 2 nights.

We ate toshikoshi soba noodle.


On New Year's Day, our family of six gathered together and ate Osechi (Japanese New Year's Day food) for lunch. Photo at 11:22 am


Then, I went to Sumiyoshitaisha shrine with my parents on the next morning.



Unfortunately, there was a "No Stalls Allowed" sign this year. The turnout was not so many. The following picture is taken at 10:30 am.


I drew a fortune slip. 小吉 - slightly good luck 

If you have drawn this fortune, take a good look at the reality.
Money: Don't count your chickens before they hatch
Luck with people: Not all people are bad.
Health: Too much worry is a source of stress.
Key to Luck: Something round and white


My mom and I went to a shopping mall afterwards. I treated her to lunch, Hokkaido cuisine. Sashimi and fried oyster set meal


I hope this year will be nice and happy.