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Why Japanese govt. still accepting people from China?


Coronavirus is now out of control.

But I saw some foreign tourists carrying on the suitcase with a Chinese national flag sticker and KIX baggage claim tag at JR Tennoji station central concourse lately.

Why Japanese govenment still allows people from China?

Dr. Tatsuya Takasu has been strongly claiming "No" and launched a campaign for collecting signatures to the govenment, but

 Translation (with Google translate)

I contacted the official residence directly.
Here's their answer:
(1) There is no intention of completely stopping Chinese people from entering Japan.
(2) The signature and the signer's comment cannot be received because it may lead to a cabinet defeat.
is what they said.
The signing activity was a complete waste.
I'm sorry.
I apologize to everyone who signed. 

 I do not understand at all. It means that Japanese cabinet officers are only thinking about themselves?

Do you think rejecting people from China is discrimination??

I ask my friend in the US, then he answered:

Perhaps, but it's reasonable to at least make sure that they don't have any obvious symptoms of a virus before letting them in. Or letting ANYONE in, Chinese or others. If they want to take my temperature and ask me health-related questions, I'm ok with that.

Our enermy is coronavirous, not people.