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Over 10 miles outdoor running again

Last time I did run 6 laps around Nagai Park at January 11th. 

It's been 1 month so it's time to do it again. 


What a beatiful sunny day! As you can see, there is no cloud. Moreover, it gets warm and direct sunlight. It's hot!


I actually ran 4 laps the day before yesterday. At a pace of passing 10km within one hour. But then the running speed slowed down.

That's why I decided to run a little slowly, and decided to run 6 laps anyway.


1 hour 45 minutes 52 seconds, although it always took more than 2 hours. 

Well, do I have to think more about pacing?

At this pace, it would be impossible to run a half marathon.

And it's almost anaerobic exercise. Please look at this.