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When Can We Get to Kansai International Airport by Train?

Because a tanker collided with the bridge with the influence of typhoon Jebi, Kansai airport line has been suspended.


At this time, if you need to go to the airport, you have to get on the transfer bus from Rinku town.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced that it is expected that the airport access by railway will be resumed in this month through the Kansai International Airport connection bridge where a tanker ship collided with the influence of typhoon Jebi.

They have been preparing for removing the damaged bridge girder of the Kansai International Airport Connection Bridge, but they are planning to start the work of lifting damaged bridge girder with a crane and removing it from September 12. They decided to proceed with the goal of completing the removal of the bridge girder on the 14th, as long as everything is okay.

If the work goes smoothly, they can also start the re-installation of the railway girder.

Regarding airport access by railway they expect to shorten it by about one week and restart it in September as they had been planning to resume operation almost four weeks as of last week.

Well, I go to the airport every year to see my friend in the US or so, but I haven't done it yet this year so far.

I have 98,204 miles of United now. Should I keep saving?