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Which one was stronger, typhoon Jebi or hurricane Florence?

Tropical cyclone classifications are different. I wonder which one is stronger, the latest typhoon Jebi or hurricane Florence.

Tropical cyclone scales - Wikipedia


Jebi seemed to be in Category 5


  • 13 dead
  • 912 injuries (Seriously:38, Slight injury: 857)

residential house damage:

  • 9 completely destroyed
  • 46 partially destroyed
  • 21,920 partial damage
  • 28 inundation above floor level
  • 191 inundation under floor level
  • 5 Public building damage
  • 6 other buildings damage

Jebi knocked out power about 2,247,000 homes, still 25 homes remain now.



How about Florence? What's the category in?


Jebi was much stronger than Florence?