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Liberal Democratic Party to give up on introducing daylight saving time

That's a good news! The crazy idea like introducing daylight saving time in Japan for 2020 Tokyo olympic  -  LDP announced that it's the direction of abandonment.

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Regarding the "summer time" (daylight saving time) that had emerged as a measure against the heat of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games in 2020, the LDP's Toshiaki Endo, head of the Tokyo Olympic Games, announced on July 27 that he is "difficult to introduce in 20 years" - told the group. The introduction, which according to the Olympics is a direction to be shelved. 

Liberal Democratic Party created a "study group" to organize the issues on the merits and demerits of the summer time introduction today's afternoon, and opened the first meeting. After the meeting, Mr. Endo said, "Although I want to introduce it as a mind (by 20 years), it is physically difficult from system problems and public opinion reactions." The discussions that will be held at the meeting will be "not for 20 years, I would like to advance as a trigger to create a low-carbon society."



I cannot find any good point for daylight saving time. Could you tell me the example?