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Trip to Hiroshima - Miyajima

I'd decided to go to Hiroshima with my friends from Ohio in April and he'd arranged our hotel. I did not anticipate such a terrible downpour disaster at that time. But, Shinkansen bullet train wasn't been suspended and the JR Sanyo Line operated with a reduced number of trains (every half an hour) within the range of our activities, so it's okay to visit.

Operation section of JR Sanyo line

I went to Miyajima for the first time on Friday, and we enjoyed delicious local food.

We had Japanese breakfast.


Then we headed for Miyajimaguchi station by JR Sanyo line,

then getting on JR Miyajima ferry.



Luckly, the rainy season is over so we don't need umblerra. But we need hats and sunglasses. Too hot and humid.

There were lots of foreign tourists. Sunny day.


Going to Miyajima




Oh dear...


I found this bulletin board at Itsukushima Shrine


The downpour disaster caused by heavy rain occurred in various parts of western Japan recently.

Thank you for your support to those who have been affected by your visit.

In addition, everyone's will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society at a later date

Itsukushima Shrine Office

After leaving Itsukushima Shrine, we visited Toyokuni Shrine (Senjokaku) next to Five-Storey Pagoda.  



Hokoku Shrine (Senjokaku)

In 1587, Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered this hall to be built for chanting the Buddhist sutras every month to console of the souls of the war dead. This hall is popularly known as Senjokaku or Senjojiki, meaning the Hall of One Thousand Tatami Mats. In 1872, the hall was renamed Hokoku Shrine and dedicated to the soul of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Since then, it has been an auxiliary shrine of Itsukushima Shrine. Senjokaku was designated as an important cultural property.

It was really really confortable inside the building because of the high ceiling.




Major Dimensions

Frontage, including the verandah: 46.6m
Depth, including the verandah: 28.2m
Height to the top of the ridge tile: 17.4m
Floor space, including the verandah: 1,314.3m2
Total roof area: 2,009.6m2 
Total number of roof tiles: 54,529

We had lunch like this.